Sustainable Development

Year after year, the Classique Internationale de canots de la Mauricie invests more in sustainable development. More than ever, we want to improve our ecological practices and leave a positive footprint behind us.


Recycling at all sites;
Reduction at source by favoring electronic forms;
Electronic versions of schedules and broadcast of competition results;
Use of recycled paper for all the organization’s printed documents;
Use of reusable bag for kits offered to athletes and volunteers;
Abolition of the sale of plastic water bottles in our kiosks.

SOCIAL Component

Réjean Huard Challenge: athletes registered for the Classique team up with people living with intellectual disabilities and ASD, for a friendly race in C2 expert canoes.
McCormick Fund are used to promote and enhance canoeing sports and to ensure the next generation of athletes.
Citizen involvement through the participation of volunteers.
Creation of jobs in the regions by creating career opportunities for young professionals.

ECONOMIC Component

Purchasing policy favoring local suppliers and regional products;
Development of partnerships with tourist businesses in the Mauricie region;
Development of partnerships with local businesses;
Economic spinoffs throughout the Mauricie region.